South Africa has a population of close to 55 million people. Geographically, it is situated at the southernmost tip of Africa.

The country is one of the few countries in Africa with well-developed agriculture and agro-processing infrastructure able to meet domestic demand and to export to the fast growing African market as well as to other continents.

The production of raw “unprocessed” milk and “dairy products” has increased substantially over the last two decades, which makes the Dairy Industry one of the fastest growing agro industries in South Africa. The domestic market in SA is by far the dominant market for South African produced dairy products. The average per capita consumption of dairy products in South Africa and Sub Saharan Africa however remains far below the international average per capita consumption of dairy producing countries.

The South African Dairy industry operates in a deregulated environment, which means that there are no measures from government to intervene in the production of raw milk or in the markets for manufactured Dairy Products.  The industry deals with issues of common interest through a well organised structure where Milk South Africa acts as the vehicle in the industry through which clearly defined strategies, goals and objectives are executed and funded via a statutory dispensation.

The proper execution of these common challenges contributes to the growth of the industry including increased demand for dairy products.

The favourable agricultural environment in Southern Africa and certain parts of South Africa can support substantial increase in the supply of raw milk with the resultant increase in manufacture and consumption of dairy products.

I believe that participation in the 2020 World Dairy Summit will create excellent exposure for businesses who wish to position themselves in amongst the South African and Southern African dairy industries. Their presence will create the opportunity for themselves to share in the future development of this market with over 1 billion consumers. We experience great interest in this summit and expect in excess of 1200 participants from all over the world.

On behalf of the South African National Committee of the IDF, I thank you for your potential participation. I trust that we shall receive a positive response on our quest for your assistance via the various sponsorship opportunities as outlined in this prospectus.

The venue of the summit will be the well-known Cape Town International Convention Centre and participants will experience the unique and internationally acclaimed scenery and culture of Cape Town and surrounding areas.

The South African Committee of IDF commits to hosting a most successful and memorable summit in Cape Town in the spring of 2020.


Melt Loubser

President: South African National Committee for the IDF